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Vaknin Law Professional Corporation is a boutique law firm committed to providing the highest quality legal services exclusively in the areas of tax, business and corporate law matters. We have extensive experience in the area of trusts, wills and estates. We have successfully represented clients in complex tax audits, CRA appeals and Voluntary Disclosures for over 18 years. As a leader in each of these areas, we offer services for a broad range of clients, including individuals and families; business owners; and corporations. We strive to create genuine and long-term business partnership with our clients. To assist you in navigating through the legal challenges, complexities and opportunities surrounding your business.

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Sonia Vaknin is a Lawyer and Tax Specialist with degrees from York University and the University of Western Ontario.  She is the founder of Vaknin Law Professional Corporation. After being called to the BAR in 1998, Sonia has spent much of her career as a Director of Taxation at HS & Partners LLP Chartered Professional Accountants, which is the affiliate CPA firm of Vaknin Law.  Her areas of expertise include Estate Planning, Personal and Corporate Tax Minimization, Reorganization of Companies, Mergers and Acquisitions. She has successfully helped clients with Tax Audits, CRA Appeals and Voluntary Disclosures, achieving excellent results in very complex situations. Sonia has appeared on T.V. business talk shows and has been a keynote and/or guest speaker at multiple events on various tax topics. Sonia is fluent in English, Russion and Hebrew.

Antonio Viera - Law Clerk - Vaknin Law

Antonio Viera, has been a law clerk since 2005. In addition to his years of experience with incorporations, amalgamations, continuances, dissolutions and ongoing corporate maintenance matters, he has extensive experience in various areas of corporate law, franchise law, tax reorganizations, estate freezes, share and asset purchase and sale transactions, due diligence reviews and trust work. Antonio also has extensive experience in the area of not-for-profit and charities law. He has assisted with charitable registrations, continuances and maintenance of private and public foundations and charitable organizations. Antonio is a member of The Institute of Law Clerks of Ontario and is fluent in both English and Spanish.

Business and Corporate Law

We provides a full range of corporate & commercial legal services to help you structure your business


We are experts at identifying and resolving tax issues and taking proactive steps to ensure that you take advantage of all tax planning opportunities that are available.

Trusts & Estates

With strong expertise in trust and estate planning, we work together with our clients in connection with their wills, trusts, and succession planning; We work with professionals, business owners and families.


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